The original Learjet limousine is up for auction (15 photos)

Wealthier people are ready to satisfy anythe most original quirks. One of such technical vagaries, designed to satisfy the ambitions of the rich, was a hybrid of a private plane and a limousine - the two most revered devices among fans to put on display their condition. A hybrid technical miracle, dubbed the Candy Red Limo-Jet Learmousine concept, is up for auction at the end of June.

A vehicle that combinescomfort of the aircraft and the ability to navigate on land routes, has a body length of 12.7 meters, and the width of the car with the body of the aircraft reaches 2.3 meters. Inside Learmousine can accommodate up to 20 passengers with a driver. The heart of the car was the 8.1-liter Chevrolet Vortec V-8 engine with 400 hp. The vehicle is equipped with 28-inch Diablo wheels made in red and black colors and the corresponding Kumho 325 / 25R28 tires.

The basis of an unusual vehicleinventor Dan Harris from Bend, Oregon chose the real aluminum hull of a private Learjet. Work on the project took about two years, starting in 2005. The fuselage of the aircraft was reinforced with a steel frame, and Exotic Coach from Chicago carried out the integration of the aircraft and limousine. The concept car is available in a single copy and a patent is officially filed for it. Owned by Chicago Jettersetter.

The engine is located at the rear of the fuselagethe plane. A specially designed steering is installed in the cab, and the braking system is equipped with a hydraulic booster. In the back, as a reminder of the past of the aircraft, there is a tail unit that can, if necessary, when traveling along city streets, during parking or during transportation, fold quite quickly.

In jet engine nacelles is locatedacoustic system capable of generating the roar of aircraft engines. The driver's cab inside has an ergonomic deep bucket seat with a seat belt, red carbon fiber trim and four screens for pendant cameras.

For the entertainment of passengers, the topThe 17,000-watt Showtime Audio is equipped with a 42-inch plasma TV, multiple light panels, and multiple speakers inside and out.

The Limo-Jet comes with a 2017-foot Iron Bull trailer in 2017 and a 2015 Chevrolet 2500 HD pickup truck capable of transporting it over long distances.

Source: Mecum