The opening of the first space hotel is scheduled for 2021 (7 photos + video)

Startup company Orion Span wants to runThe world's first luxury space hotel with an “affordable” price tag. The project is called Aurora Station, and those who visit the station will be able to see 16 sunrises per day, swimming in zero gravity.

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Space station will debut in 2021 thata year earlier than expected. The hotel can accommodate 4 guests and 2 crew members. The ship itself is commensurate with a small private plane measuring 13.3 x 4.3 m. The space tour is designed for 12 days, but before the trip you will need to take 3-month courses with veteran cosmonauts to obtain the appropriate certificate.

Space tourists staying at this hotelluxury class, will fly above the Earth at an altitude of 322 km, in the so-called low-Earth orbit. At the station they promise constant access to high-speed Wi-Fi and high-quality space food. In addition to observing landscapes in the window, travelers will be offered to experiment, for example, to grow a plant.

The main catch is the price of such a dream. For a vacation in a space hotel, you will have to pay $ 9.5 million, but these are mere “pennies” compared to the ISS. So in 2001-2009, for one commercial person, training, transfer and living in an unusual place cost $ 20-40 million.

To finance your concept, Orion Spanengaged in crowdfunding for investors. If you are ready to fly into space, you can reserve your place in the waiting list with a deposit of $ 80,000. Which company will transport guests is not reported, like the one with whose hands the Aurora Station will be mounted in orbit.