The official VKontakte app for Apple Watch is presented

VKontakte introduced a new application adapted for smart watches Apple Watch: As stated in

companies, the application will help the owners of thisdevice to be in touch at any time: track notifications, listen to VK Music tracks without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket, and also communicate on the go. “Apple Watch users have the ability to switch between chats and quickly respond to messages in any situation – without having to take out their smartphone. You can instantly send a response, vmoji or animated sticker, ”the message says.

The social network team also built into the new applicationFor long walkers, the Apple Watch app syncs with VKontakte Steps, helping you track your steps and miles. In addition, a personal digital business card is available at any time: if a user wants to quickly share a VKontakte profile with an interlocutor, it is enough to open a personal QR code in the application and show it for scanning.