The oceans on the planet have warmed up to a record high temperature

For six years in a row, the temperature of the world's oceanssets records, and last year was no exception. In its report, this is stated by an international group of experts, which includes 23 employees from 14 different institutions. It should be understood that the temperature of the world's oceans is one of the main indicators of global warming. Scientists have been following it since the 50s of the last century. Scientists note that the heat content of the ocean is growing worldwide. The situation has worsened over the past year. The 2 km thick water layer absorbed 14 zettajoules more heat than in 2020. This figure is 145 times the amount of energy that was produced worldwide in 2020. By the way, for the year all of humanity spends 0.5 zettajoules of energy. An increase in the temperature of the world's oceans has a number of dangerous consequences that can ultimately lead to serious disasters.

Temperatures in the world's oceans set records for six years in a row

Why is ocean temperature rise dangerous?

By absorbing heat, the ocean thereby stabilizestemperature on the planet. But, in addition to heat, it also absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide. At the moment, the oceans take from the atmosphere from 20 to 30% of all emissions caused by humans. I told you recently that scientists are even working to encourage oceans to sequester carbon and thereby stop global warming.

However, the higher the temperature of the ocean water, theless carbon dioxide it absorbs from the atmosphere. In other words, the warmer the ocean, the faster greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere. Accordingly, the process of global warming is accelerating.

Ocean levels are rising as a result of global warming

At the same time, warming water has a negative impact onocean ecosystem. The higher its temperature, the lower the oxygen content in it. Therefore, large fish, which need a lot of oxygen, are the first to suffer from warming water. I recently talked about how global warming could wipe out the anchovy, the most harvested fish in the world.

In addition, the warming of water entails weather and climate cataclysms. Scientists note that this leads to an increase in the number of storms, floods, abnormal precipitation, etc.

“As the oceans warm up, levelswater rises. Rising ocean temperatures are causing severe storms and hurricanes, as well as increased rainfall,” said Lijing Cheng, lead author of the study.

Why is the ocean temperature rising?

The latest ocean temperature study wasrecently published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. It summarizes information from two global sources, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The study took into account the factors affectingnatural regional temperature variations such as El Niño and La Niña. It takes them less than four years to distinguish anthropogenic temperature rise from natural heat waves, the scientists say. This is much less than what was required thirty years ago.

Simulations show that rising ocean temperatures are linked to human activities

Average ocean surface temperature in 2021entered the top ten in the year. However, according to scientists, it is not the highest due to the La Niña phenomenon in the tropical Pacific. On the one hand, this phenomenon restrains the rise in temperature on the surface of the ocean, but on the other hand, there is an accumulation of temperature in the lower layers.

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Simulation of the situation showed that the growthwater temperature is associated with changes in the composition of the atmosphere as a result of human activities. Moreover, the temperature of the water will continue to rise, as a result of which we will witness new heat records. This will continue until humanity achieves zero emissions.

At the same time, experts note the importanceMonitoring and understanding the relationship between ocean heat storage and carbon emissions. The data obtained will help track the achievement of global warming mitigation targets. Well, for those who still doubt the reality of this process, let me remind you of the catastrophes of 2021, which prove that the temperature on the planet is really rising.