The Nvidia Shield TV Pro console appeared on Amazon before the official announcement

Unauthorized appearance on AmazonThe new version of Nvidia Shield TV Pro allowed to evaluate the capabilities and technical characteristics of the console. First of all, it is noticeable that the design of the device has not undergone significant changes, and the main advantages of the console are hidden inside and are associated with a 25% performance increase. In addition, Shield TV Pro will be equipped with an improved control panel.

Amazon page that pops up unexpectedly, yetBefore the official presentation of the device, it was quickly removed, but enthusiasts managed to fix some important details of the future device. The appearance of the console remains the same and corresponds to the design of the 2017 model. Shield TV Pro received exactly the same stand and similar connectors.

The biggest changes were made to the remote control, which received additional buttons for volume control and a menu button.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro Console Got SupportDolby Vision HDR and Dolby Digital Plus in addition to Dolby Atmos support in the previous model. The Tegra X1 + processor implements the use of AI Upscaling technology, which allows you to scale resolution to 4K in real time.

Plex Media Server application allowsuse Shield TV Pro as a media center. The console can be used as a hub for SmartThings or a Chromecast device controlled by the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Using Android TV as the operating system will allow you to use the streaming games of the game GeForce Now.

Thanks to an unauthorized insider on Amazon, the price of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro console, which is $ 200, also became known. The device will go on sale on October 28.