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The number of infected COVID-19 in the US per day exceeded the number of all infected in Wuhan

According to the report of the World OrganizationHealth (WHO) on June 29, the COVID-19 pandemic is gaining momentum. Unfortunately, the situation in the USA confirms this. So, for several consecutive days the number of new cases of coronavirus infection in the country has exceeded 50,000 per day. This, in turn, exceeds the number of confirmed cases in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in China, where an outbreak of the virus was first recorded. According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, at the beginning of July, about 2,786,178 people were infected with coronavirus in the United States, followed by Brazil with 1,496,858 infected, and Russia closes the top three with 666,941 infected. The total number of officially confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world has exceeded 10 million people and is growing rapidly. But why?

This is what a world map looks like according to Johns Hopkins University

What is going on in the USA?

Around mid-April, when the outbreakthe disease was reportedly localized in China, and restrictions were lifted in Wuhan, the Wuhan health authorities reported that the total number of confirmed cases in the city was 50,333. After analyzing the Wuhan epidemiological data, the COVID-19 Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice saying that as of April 16, the number of confirmed cases in the city was 50,333.

Doubts about official data reportedChina, has been discussed in the world press for several months since the outbreak began. Back in April, according to the National Health Commission of China, 900 cases of the disease in Wuhan were mistakenly counted as recovery. As for the United States, according to CBS News, daily incidence rates are close to almost the same number as the total number of cases observed in Hubei Province (about 68,135 cases of infection were recorded). Let me remind you that since June, the daily growth of new infections in the country has been declining, but given the socio-political situation in the United States and mass protests, the situation has changed for the worse.

Only by joining forces can we fight the pandemic

But if in those countries of the world that began to lift restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of patients with coronavirus began again, then what awaits us in the very near future?

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Second wave

Concerns over the second wave of COVID-19rose in May and June after a series of new cases involving the Sinfadi Beijing Wholesale Food Market, an extensive complex that is more than 20 times larger than the seafood market in Wuhan, where the first outbreak allegedly occurred, Reuters reported. In the process of identifying new cases, the Sinfandi market was closed, and 11 residential areas near the market were placed under strict blockage. Ten communities near Yukwundong Market that reported cases of Sinfadi were also detained. Unfortunately, a similar unfavorable situation is developing in many countries today.

However, in the case of the impending second wave andWith the pandemic situation in the world as a whole, you need to understand that the very first computer models initially predicted a global pandemic with millions of infected people. So, at the time of this writing, more people are infected in Russia than when they introduced restrictive measures. We talked more about what a wave is and what to expect from a pandemic in our material. This situation, however, also has a flip side - according to the results of work published in the journal Nature, restrictive measures introduced in Europe saved the lives of 2.4 to 3.8 million people.

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Brooklyn Bridge George Floyd Protest June 2020of the year. Thousands of masked protesters gathered in Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn, for a peaceful rally in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on June 19, 2020.

What is known about coronavirus?

Our regular readers probably know thatin order not to get sick and not endanger the lives of others, a number of simple recommendations of WHO must be observed: wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, wear a face mask when going to the store, pharmacy or any other closed room. If you don’t know which mask works most efficiently and whether it is possible to make a mask with your own hands, here you are.

Following the recommendations of the World OrganizationHealth care and respect for social distance and social exclusion will help not only you, but many other people to maintain their lives and health. This becomes important as researchers learn more and more about the new virus. So, many scientists do not exclude that after the invention and introduction of the vaccine, the world will be swept by the second wave of neurological diseases, since the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, affects the brain, causing strokes, headaches, blurred consciousness, convulsions and other, not yet identified complications. Do you follow WHO recommendations? We will wait for the answer here!