The number of cars that support displaying a smartphone screen on their infotainment systems has exceeded 170 million

According to the research company Canalys, there are currently more than 170 million cars in the world,

which support smartphone screen displayon their infotainment systems. Apple's Apple CarPlay, Google's Android Auto, and Baidu's CarLife are the main services that provide this capability. According to various estimates, already 85% of new cars offer this opportunity to their customers. More than 60% of all such vehicles were purchased in 2019 and later. It is estimated that around 65% of drivers in the US and 58% in Europe use smartphone mirroring on a regular basis. Separately, it is noted that only 18% of drivers in the US and 26% in Europe use built-in navigation systems. This statistic is at odds with the enormous expense that automakers are spending on creating their own digital in-car services, and calls into question the wisdom of such spending.