The Northern Lights can be watched online

Arctic tourism will soon receivea significant boost in the implementation of the partnership program of the four Nordic countries. The initiative is supported by Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway and aims to empower Arctic travel enthusiasts.

The details of the project were disclosed by the ambassador for specialOn instructions from the Russian Foreign Ministry, Nikolai Korchunov, who said that in order to observe the most mysterious and incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon - the Aurora Borealis, constant video surveillance with online broadcasting will be installed.

The four Nordic countries are implementing severaltourist programs and works within the framework of the Russia-EU cross-border initiative "Kolarctic". The innovation will be implemented under a project called "Northern Lights Monitoring System for the needs of the tourism business" and provides for the installation of cameras for continuous broadcasting of the Aurora Borealis.

According to the official, Russia will continue to promote the development of Arctic tourism by introducing new initiatives and projects, including the development of cruise routes.

Source: ria