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The new system will prohibit drivers from smoking and talking on the phone while driving

According to the latest proposals of the leadersIn the European Union, all new cars produced on the road since mid-2022 should be equipped with special driver monitoring systems that can determine if a person is distracted while driving. Similar calls are made in other countries. And automakers in general are not against this practice. It remains only to find the appropriate technology to implement this idea. And it seems that such a development already exists.

New technologies will not allow the driver to be distracted while driving

How to prevent drivers from being distracted while driving

According to the editors of the Digital Trends portal,Israeli company Eyesight Technologies has developed a new car monitoring technology to determine when drivers use mobile phones or smoke while driving. According to statistics, it is these two types of activity that come first as the main causes of car accidents. First of all, due to the fact that this prevents drivers from fully concentrating on the road and driving.

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The new development is based on an existing one.Car monitoring system from Eyesight Technologies. This system uses infrared sensors to recognize the driver and identify some of its features, such as the position of the head, the frequency of blinking, how wide the eyes are at rest, and so on. By constantly measuring these factors during a trip, an artificial intelligence-based system can determine if a driver is starting to fall asleep or being distracted in some other way. But now the functionality of the system will be expanded.

The new features that we introduce are based onour previous developments. Says Liat Rostock, vice president of marketing for Eyesight Technologies. Now our technology will be able to detect whether the driver began to smoke while driving or answered a phone call. This will allow car manufacturers, as well as fleet owners (for example, taxi services) to create a specific response to these actions. For example, if you are a driver of a truck transporting fuel, then the transport company may receive a signal if you start smoking a cigarette. After that, you will be fined. Another scenario is when the driver starts talking on the phone. If this system recognizes, then a very loud sound signal will be heard in the cabin.

Eyesight Technologies is developing its systemso that it can be integrated into an existing fleet of vehicles, and installed on cars directly at the factory. What do you think about the new technology? Write your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

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According to Mr. Rostock, an Israeli companyjust recently signed a $ 15 million contract with a major American car manufacturer (the name of the company is, according to the agreement, early to disclose). Eyesight Technologies will be ready to demonstrate its achievements in January next year at CES 2020. Moreover, company representatives are already saying that their technology can be used not only in cars, but also in the field of water transport. However, the company does not explain how the system will operate on various sea and river vessels.