The new smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been announced (3 photos)

Smart watches are becoming increasingly popular withmodern users with the ability to receive more information and more effectively monitor their health. Samsung has introduced a new line of smart watches Watch Active 2.

Depending on the modification, Samsung willproduce two watch sizes with a diagonal of 40 or 44 mm. The case will be made of aluminum or stainless steel, and the straps will be leather or silicone. Universal mount allows you to use different types of straps.

For both models, an AMOLED screen (360 × 360) will be supplied, the diagonal of which, depending on the model, is either 1.2 inches or 1.4 inches.
Watch Active 2 will be equipped with a touch ring that simulates a physical bezel and allows you to control the interface. For each type of watch, three color designs of the case are provided.

Samsung's most important smartwatch featureGeneration is the ability to track the user's physical activity - the number of steps taken, calories burned, and workouts. The watch has an automatic function for identifying the type of physical activity. Watch Active 2 itself will "understand" that the user has started running and will turn on the fixation of all indicators using GPS and a heartbeat sensor.

An ECG sensor is installed in the watch, but since this device has not yet received the appropriate certification, this function will not be available at first.

Tracks Watch Active 2 and user sleep mode. A store with apps is available, and the watch works both for Android and iOS
Watch Active 2 case protection compliesUS Army Standard MIL-STD-810, which provides complete protection against dust, water, mechanical shock and strong vibration. The screen has Corning Gorilla Glass. The hardware runs on a Samsung Exynos 9110 proprietary chip, with 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of main memory. For watches supporting LTE communication, RAM will be doubled.

Source: Samsung