The new program will free remove moving objects from the video (6 photos)

Modern graphic editors allow forseconds to remove unwanted objects from photos. The process is somewhat more complicated in the case of video. However, at the Github site there is already a video-object-removal utility, which solves this problem without any problems. And users do not have to master video editing. Everyone will be engaged in software.

New application from a user under a pseudonymzllrunning allows you to select an object that I would like to get rid of. Next, just click on the button, and the software algorithm will do the rest. It generates “transparent” fragments for the entire video series, with which it will fill each frame.

While the algorithm is not perfect. On the edited video are small artifacts. In addition, if you look closely, you can see the phantom silhouette of the object that has just been removed. However, as it is now, this option saves a lot of time. The current version of the application can perform tracking at up to 55 frames. User participation is minimal - just highlighting an unnecessary fragment in the initial frame.

The principle by which algorithms are removed andfill the frame, the authors of the project made public in the network. The average consumer should not know the subtleties of programming. It is enough for him to make a few clicks with the mouse and wait for the completion of the algorithm. Note that Adobe After Effects has similar functionality, but only for paid subscribers.