The new OPPO smartphone covers the side of the screen (2 photos + video)

OPPO Vice President Shen Yishen Brian published images of a new smartphone, which has not yet been introduced. Its screen covers the side faces, displaying

And the photos and videos from insidersit is clear that the gadget is not just a prototype of the expected device, but a completely working version. Probably, the design of the new development, captured in the pictures, will be final. However, special software that would block the sensitivity to touch on the sides, most likely, is not released.

So far, experts are wondering why in generalit took so weird screen. It is possible that when the display is locked, notifications and system icons will be displayed on its sides in a mode similar to Always On Display. Then they can be seen, even if you put the smartphone face down.

It is also noted that neither on rollers nor onPhotos can not see the front camera news. Perhaps she will leave the case. Or it was disguised under the display - the manufacturer demonstrated this technology a month ago at the MWC Shanghai exhibition.

It is very likely that the novelty will become the successor.OPPO Find X. This smartphone was different from all the others with a mechanized slider with the option of face recognition, cameras and flash. He made a real sensation in his segment. And, probably, gave impetus to the trend with the cameras leaving.