The new mini-camera does not need to be connected to the mains (4 photos + video)

Even small gadgets require a power source in battery, battery, or mains format, but the camera from a Xnor startup doesn’t need it.

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A miniature camera placed on a board of length 5cm, receives energy from the sun due to the presence of a small solar panel. This allows the gadget with low power consumption and dimensions to record video in the format of 320 × 320 pixels. And the AI ​​module, which does not require a connection to the cloud, makes it possible to use the device as a motion sensor or object tracking. This may be convenient, for example, at the dacha plot for the protection of the territory or for the observation of birds and animals.

Unfortunately, the level of sunlight affects the frame rate in the video. In clear weather, this figure reaches 32 c / sec.

The gadget can work with several differentwireless protocols with low power consumption, but in this case it is better to additionally install the battery, since Wi-Fi, for example, requires a lot of energy. In addition, an additional source of energy would allow the gadget to work during the day from the Sun, and at night from the battery. That is around the clock.

The cost of new items is only $ 10, but the manufacturer is not yet ready to bring it to the commercial market.