The new device from Panasonic is able to recognize surrounding objects.

Panasonic has created a new "smart" gadget. The main function of PA! GO is the ability to talk out loud about objects in the vicinity. Externally, the device looks like an ordinary flashlight. As the manufacturer emphasizes, the main target audience of the novelty is children.

The algorithm of action is as follows: the user, by clicking on the button, takes a picture on PA! GO. Next, the gadget analyzes the image and briefly describes what he saw. By clicking on the second button, you can get a detailed description of the object.

The basis of development is Google TensorFlow, as well asUSB Accelerator Coral. The latter works on Google Edge TPU chip, providing machine learning. It is connected via USB 2.0 interface to the Raspberry Pi Zero single board computer. For recognition of objects there is a special software for computer vision MobileNetV. The data for the various categories are stored in the iNaturalist package.

PA!GO also knows how to connect to a monitor or TV on a Chromecast. Further, in a special application, it demonstrates what its user saw during the day. A microprojector is easily attached to the device, allowing you to display the same pictures on any surface.