The new autopilot first landed the aircraft in a fully autonomous mode (video)

Improve flight safety are designed toautopilot to reduce the load on the pilot and eliminate potential errors. Technical difficulties arise in the development of autopilot, whose duties include the landing of aircraft on the ground. Engineers from the Technical Institute of Munich have proposed an original autopilot algorithm using visual control of the landing from the aircraft.

The new technique allows you to land withoutHuman assistance to almost any airfield. Currently, the Instrument Landing System radio beacons system requires special equipment to be placed on the runways, and the ground services personnel additionally control the landing. The innovative C2Land system does not depend on the expensive modern equipment of the airport and is fully installed on the plane. The autopilot dimensions are small, which will allow equipping this system not only with airliners, but also with small airplanes.

The principle of operation of C2Land is based on integrationtraditional GPS positioning and machine vision system based on two video cameras: standard and infrared, designed for landing in poor visibility.

Test trials on a 2-seater training vesselDiamond DA42 was carried out successfully, and C2Land was able to “see” the runway from a long distance and land the plane in a completely autonomous mode without incident.