The new Apple MacBook Pro is unsuitable for repair, but has a good cooling system

Almost immediately after the release of new laptopsApple MacBook Pro equipped with 16-inch screens, experts subjected the device to comprehensive testing to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget. IFixit experts quickly completed a complete disassembly of the laptop, determining the build quality, design features, main components and maintainability.

When comparing the cooling systems of the new modelwith a 15-inch predecessor, enthusiasts noted that the ventilation holes became larger, and the fans received large blades. Such structural changes in the heat removal system made it possible to increase the exchange of air passing through the laptop by 28%, which increased the cooling efficiency of heating parts.

Significantly increased battery capacity,at 99.8 Wh and is superior to any battery pack ever installed on a MacBook. At the same time, the battery case became 0.8 mm thicker, and the case of the entire MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen increased by 0.7 mm compared to the previous model.

However, in addition to the advantages, experts have identified a number ofsignificant disassembly difficulties, which led to an unsatisfactory final assessment of the laptop's maintainability: the model received only 1 point out of 10 possible, which translates it into a class of devices unsuitable for repair.

Analyzing the features of the stages of disassembling a laptop,iFixit experts note only one positive point - it is quick and easy to extract to replace the trackpad. The good news ends here. The modular design is provided only for insignificant components, while the parts of the processor, RAM and flash memory are soldered to the board, and it is impossible to remove them to a layman. The keyboard, battery, speakers and Touch Bar are mounted either with rivets or with glue, which complicates their dismantling. The Touch ID sensor is a power switch for the laptop and is rigidly mounted on the motherboard, and this also reduces maintainability.

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