The new air conditioner from Sony can be put in the pocket of a T-shirt (2 photos + video)

Air conditioning is great at fighting the heat,however, only in the room in which it was installed. After thinking about it, the engineers of the Japanese company Sony offered an original method of getting freshness on the street. The new miniature cooling device weighs only 85 grams. The user can control its intensity directly from his smartphone.

Reon Pocket size only slightly exceedsdimensions of the bank penalty. This gadget is based on the Peltier element. This thermoelectric element can cool or heat up depending on the selected settings. Mode of operation can be set in a special mobile application.

The tiny conditioner is completed with a t-shirt withspecial pocket on the back. It allows you to quietly wear the device under a jacket, shirt or jacket. Constantly wearing the device is not recommended. Its purpose is comfortable transitions between zones with different temperature regimes (with heated or cooled air).

The gadget has a built-in battery rated for 1.5hours of continuous operation. To fully charge it, it will take about 2 hours. The project was published on the site of crowdfunding. The basic set of the device and 1 t-shirt costs $ 130.

Pocket air conditioner should be availablealternative expensive high-tech "smart" clothes for athletes. If you manage to collect the required amount, Reon Pocket will begin to sell in Japan in the early spring of next year.

Source: QZ