The neural network has turned emojis into real faces and it looks awful

Ten years ago, many of us did not even know thatsuch neural networks and artificial intelligence. But today they are to some extent used in almost every mobile application. What artificial intelligence is especially strong about is the processing of photographs - it's hard to believe, but with it you can turn a pixel pattern into a photorealistic photograph. I wonder what would happen if the computer started creating a realistic portrait based on emoji? Artificial intelligence expert Jonathan Fly has the answer to this question.

Artificial intelligence Face Super-Resolution can turn emojis into monsters

Have you ever watched modern TV seriesintelligence services? Scriptwriters and directors show us amazing technologies, the existence of which is hard to believe. For example, detectives can study video from surveillance cameras and zoom in to such an extent that the faces of people caught in the frame become as distinct as possible. At the time of the filming of the series, this technology was unlikely to exist, but today it is called Face Super-Resolution.

How to increase the resolution of photos?

It was created by researchers from KoreanInstitute of Advanced Technology (KAIST). Its essence is to turn low-resolution frames into high-quality images with the highest possible detail. All work is done by a generative-competitive neural network trained on the basis of many different photographs. You can read more about it in our material about the use of neural networks in films and video games.

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It was this system that Jonathan Fly usedto turn emojis from twitter into real faces. All this, of course, is interesting, but it would be better if he did not. Instead of photorealistic smiling people, mouth-watering dishes and funny animals, artificial intelligence created real monsters that can be used in scary cartoons and video games. Just look at the pizza emojis - instead of tomatoes, the computer inserted some kind of screaming mouths into the picture. Such a horror can only be seen in delusional dreams at high temperatures.

The result of the neural network Face Super-Resolution

Most likely, such scary pictures arosedue to the inability of artificial intelligence to recognize the background and additional details on emoji. In addition, Jonathan Fly used emojis with food and animals, and the Face Super-Resolution technology is designed only for processing human faces. Therefore, the appearance of pizza with many human mouths is nothing strange and artificial intelligence has nothing to blame. He just did his job.

What can artificial intelligence do?

Also an expert on artificial intelligenceI tried to apply the system to emojis from the streaming service Twitch. They have more detail, so the results were not so scary. Yes, they are very distorted and sometimes it is difficult to understand what is shown in the pictures, but everything looks smooth and quite realistic.

You can edit emojis yourself, butfor this you need to have programming skills. The source code of the neural network is uploaded to GitHub - it must be edited to work with another image.

Emoji and Twitch streaming service

As you can see, artificial intelligence cannotboast the ability to create photos from pixel drawings. But, he perfectly knows how to remove the background from portraits - we recommend that you try the service right now, which has already been bookmarked for a long time. By the way, if you know other interesting services based on neural networks, share them in the comments or in our Telegram chat, we will be grateful!