The neural network has restored the very first movie clip in the history of mankind (video)

Neural network technology allows resuscitationthe very first newsreel shots taken at the dawn of the birth of cinema. Earlier, Russian enthusiast Denis Shiryaev quite successfully transformed the most famous short film of the Lumiere brothers “Arrival of a Train”, shot in 1896. The video was converted to 4K and voiced. Now the blogger has set about restoring the oldest known movie clip to date, shot in 1888 - “The Roundhea Garden Scene”. Artificial intelligence translated the newsreel into 4K format, and also “painted” the first-ever movie shots.

The movie "Scene in the Garden of Roundhead" filmed in EnglandLouis Le Prince, an undeservedly forgotten inventor who was several years ahead of the famous Lumiere brothers. The mysterious disappearance of Le Prince in 1890 on the way from Paris to London, where he wanted to patent his invention, rewrote the entire history of cinema.

Roundhei Garden Scenes CapturedMr. and Mrs. Wheatley (mother-in-law of Le Prince), his son Adolph and Mrs. Harriet Hartley. The video demonstration time is only two seconds, and it is shot at a frequency of 12 frames per second. At the disposal of contemporaries left only 20 frames of the first newsreel in history.

The work was carried out with material downloaded fromResource Museum of Great Britain. The video was divided into 20 frames, to which artificial intelligence gave the highest possible quality, increasing the detail of faces and the surrounding scene.

Then the blogger manually, by adjusting the brightness, reduced the flicker effect and fixed the most significant frame defects. In this work, several neural networks were used.

As a result, a neural network generated 250frames that replaced the original 20, and the video was presented in 4K resolution. Then the blogger added color and sound, and the video itself was looped. The results of Shiryaev’s work are presented on YouTube.

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