The network has 3D renderings of the PlayStation 5, different from the version for developers

Sony's Console Gaming Fan CommunityLooks forward to the company's official introduction of the new PlayStation 5 device, which is scheduled for February 2020. While the Internet is actively discussing the Dev Kit for the PlayStation 5 developers, with a V-shaped body, more and more console design renders for ordinary consumers have begun to appear.

One of the most characteristic renderings,represented by the resource Letsgodigital depicts the PlayStation5 in the form of a wedge-shaped console, in which the side facing the user is much thinner than the back. In this case, the side view demonstrates a view similar in shape to the letter “V”, which refers to the Latin digit “5”.

The rear wide panel of the device is 80% busyventilation grill for effective cooling. On the rest of the rear part there is an Ethernet connector for connecting to a home network, two PlayStation ports, an optical audio output connector, an HDMI output connector and a power cable connector.

Currently, this render is onlyanother assumption about the future design of the expected PlayStation 5 console. We will not get a real picture of the appearance of the device until after the February pineapple by Sony.