The mystery of the rapid growth of malignant tumors is revealed

Humanity is one step closer tofinal victory over oncological diseases, which claim millions of lives annually. Scientists from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York) reported on the clue to the mechanism of the mysterious Warburg effect, discovered about 100 years ago and describing the accelerated mechanism of multiplication of cancer cells.

In the process of development, according to the effect of openWarburg, cancer cells generate energy in a different way than "normal" cells in the body. This is due to the use of an ultra-fast intensive glucose fermentation process by malignant cells even in the presence of sufficient oxygen. This, according to Warburg, was the main reason for the active multiplication of cancer cells.

Latest research at Sloan-Kettering Centershowed that immune cells also use a similar mechanism to generate energy. As a result, scientists have declared the identity of the processes occurring in the immune system and during the growth of a malignant tumor. As a result, doctors suggested that by blocking the development of the LDHA gene protein, it would be possible to increase the effectiveness of the fight against cancer.

Source: sciencemag