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The mysterious stone found in Antarctica turned out to be the egg of an ancient monster

In 2011, on the icy expanses of Antarctica,a mysterious fossil was found in the form of a huge baked potato. Its dimensions were approximately 20 by 30 centimeters, and its age was 68 million years. It was clear that the unidentified object was preserved from the time of the dinosaurs, but scientists could not explain what it was. The find has been in the museum for almost ten years, but once one of the researchers suggested that it was the egg of an ancient creature. This statement was strange, because the object was huge in size and inside it scientists did not find any bones. But, in the end, a bold assumption turned out to be true - all this time the egg of an ancient monster lay in the museum and scientists did not even suspect it.

Baked potatoes, a blown away ball ... What else is it like?

Mysterious find

According to New Atlas, for nearlyfor a decade, the mysterious object was called "something" or simply "this thing." In appearance, it looked like baked potatoes, and its size was compared to a soccer ball. Scientists had a lot of assumptions about what it could be - probably there were assumptions that these were really the remains of a plant like potatoes. But the assumption that the researchers are dealing with the egg of an ancient animal was constantly questioned - the eggs of dinosaurs and other animals of those times obviously could not be so large.

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Only in 2018 did one of the scientists explain to hiscolleagues that the object stored in the museum may be a Mosasaurus egg. This sea monster lived just about 68 million years ago, weighed about 15 tons and reached a length of 17 meters. In addition, nearby the location of the remains of the alleged egg, scientists previously found skeletons of small mosasaurs. The puzzle began to take shape - probably, an ancient monster once developed long ago inside a mysterious object. Then it hatched and the crumpled shell remained under water, which could completely explain the absence of bones inside the egg.

Hatching a Mosasaur through the eyes of an artist

If this is really an egg, then certainly notegg-like chicken and other modern animals. After studying the structure of the remains, the researchers suggested that the outer shell was not covered with a hard shell, but had softness. In fact, the ancient Mosasaurs laid off something similar to cellophane bags, which the cubs could easily tear. Over time, this “package” was deformed and petrified, which is why the find has such an unusual shape.

Comparison of the sizes of the egg of a Mosasaur and a human

According to the authors of the study, similar eggscould carry many other animals of those times. Only now, due to the subtlety of the outer shell, to this day they have practically not been preserved. Therefore, the find of 2011 can be called amazing - it is almost impossible to find such an egg, but scientists have succeeded.

This is how epiornis looked, their growth reached three meters

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