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The mysterious death of several hundred birds in England has confused scientists

More than 200 birds were found dead on one of theroads near north wales. On the bodies of the birds there were multiple bruises of unknown origin. According to a man who discovered a mass accumulation of dead birds on the road, according to external data, the birds seemed to have fallen dead from the sky. Experts and local residents already had several explanations for what happened, ranging from quite logical to fantastic mysticism.

What is hidden behind the mysterious death of birds?

Why do birds die in the UK?

Messages about the mass death of birds in the NorthThis is not the first time that America and the United Kingdom have entered the world news agencies. This time, incident reports came from New South Wales, where some 200 dead were discovered. due to impact on the ground of birds. Experts note that earlier investigations of similar cases of mass mortality in some groups of starlings have already been conducted, but the exact reason for the strange phenomenon was not found out.

The bodies of the birds found were collected fortesting, which showed a negative result for a number of diseases that could cause disorientation in birds during flight. Particular attention was paid to the analysis of bird flu, the results of which also showed a negative result. According to an article published on, North Wales police already have a rational explanation for the starling death. According to ornithologists, the theory is that the birds took part in a mass flight - murmuration, which is sometimes called the "starling dance". But due to the variability of the weather, the birds could be disoriented by the reflection of the sun from the wet road.

Due to too much reflection of the rays andintense bright light, the birds were likely to lose the right direction. A similar situation often occurs in geese and swans, because during an emergency landing they are not able to distinguish reflective elements (for example, solar panels) from water bodies, losing the coordination of flight and landing.

The cause of the dance of a huge flock of birds has long remained a mystery to scientists

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Flocks of starlings can be seen annually inGreat Britain, from October to February. Being much smaller than blackbirds, starlings have a short tail and a pointed head. At a distance, their feathers may appear black, but when examined closely, their feathers become shiny with light shades of purple and green. Starlings are quite noisy birds and they spend most of the year in packs. Being in the community, starlings during flight can smoothly and synchronously move between each other at a speed of about 40 km. at an o'clock and, thus, never to face a number of flying birds. From afar, the phenomenon of murmuration in starlings resembles the movement of fish under water, forming bizarre forms.

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The reason for creating a kind of bird dance beforerecently it was unknown. Scientists adhered to the theory that birds of prey, when attacking a large flock of birds, fall into "confusion." In other words, the larger the pack, the more difficult it is for a predator to choose just one victim. After studies using computer modeling, scientists were able to confirm their assumptions. In addition to the one-time mass death of starlings, scientists note a global decrease in their numbers. Thus, since the 1980s, the birth rate of birds in the UK began, which continues to this day. Long-term monitoring showed that the number of starlings decreased by as much as 66%.