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The most valuable metals on Earth

The modern periodic table includes118 chemicals. A large part of this table is occupied by various metals - more than 90 of all open elements belong to them. The variety of metals is very large, some of them are common, there are no special problems with their mining and they are inexpensive. For example, the most common metal, aluminum, costs about 100 rubles per kilogram. But there are rare metals in the world, some of which do not exist in their pure form and are mined exclusively in laboratory conditions. They are used for the manufacture of jewelry and for research. The price per gram of such metals can reach millions of dollars, which is quite interesting. Let's look at the prices of the most expensive metals on Earth and find out how they are mined and where are they used?

Today, science knows more than 90 types of metals


  • 1 Cost of India
  • 2 The cost of silver
  • 3 The cost of iridium
  • 4 The cost of palladium
  • 5 The cost of platinum
  • 6 Cost of gold
  • 7 California Cost

Cost india

Let's start with a rather rare, but not tooexpensive metal - it is called indium. It was discovered in 1863 and is part of the ores of zinc, lead, copper and tin. In its pure form, it is a white and very shiny metal that can be easily melted and cut with an ordinary knife. The largest suppliers of india are China, South Korea and Japan - annually several hundred tons of metal are produced.

Indium is so soft you can bite it with your teeth

Due to its properties, indium is actively used in electronic technology and automobiles. During the Second World War, this metal was part of bearings for aircraft engines.

Price per kilogram india - from 20 000 rubles.

Silver cost

Silver has been known to mankind since the very ancienttimes, so the exact date of its discovery is impossible to name. In nature, it is found both in pure form and as a compound in ores of other metals. Silver has a silver-white color and high ductility. The largest silver producers are rightfully considered China, Canada and the United States - each year about 22 tons of metal are mined.

Silver is used everywhere, from the jewelry industry to dentistry.

Despite its high cost, silverused in many industries. Jewelry and coins are made from it, and also used in electronic technology and dentistry. It is believed that silver prevents the spread of bacteria and in itself is very safe. It is always subject to high demand, hence the high cost.

Price per kilogram of silver - from 30 000 rubles.

The cost of iridium

The iridium metal was discovered in 1803 and, inmainly mined from platinum ores. It is white in color and has a very high melting point - 2466 degrees Celsius. In addition, he is not afraid of corrosion and even acid, because it is the most resistant metal. The largest supplier of iridium is considered South Africa, only about a ton of metal is produced per year.

Iridium is considered the most resistant metal, because even acid is not afraid of it.

In its pure form, iridium is not used, most oftenit is added to platinum. The alloy of iridium and platinum is great for making jewelry - they look beautiful and practically do not wear out. Iridium is also in demand in the manufacture of surgical instruments, aerospace technology and electronics. The tips of expensive writing pens are also made of this metal.

The price of a kilogram of iridium - from 45 000 rubles.

My colleague Ilya Hel previously wrote that iridium is also capable of killing cancer cells.

Palladium cost

Discovered in 1803, palladium is paintedexclusively in silver-white color, easily melts, does not fade and does not rust. In nature, this metal is extremely rare, mainly it is mined from ores of nickel, silver and copper. South Africa is considered the largest supplier, but small amounts of palladium are also mined in Russia.

Palladium - one of the rarest metals on Earth

Palladium is actively used in jewelry -mixing it with gold, you can get the so-called "white gold". Rare coins dedicated to memorable historical dates are also minted from palladium. Also, metal is in demand in medicine, because parts for pacemakers and dentures are made from it. In automobiles, palladium is needed to convert harmful substances into more harmless chemical compounds.

Price per kilogram of palladium - more than 1 000 000 rubles.

Platinum cost

Many nations did not know about the existence of platinum.up to the 16th century, but there are peoples who have used this metal since time immemorial. Platinum is found only in the form of an alloy with other metals, but in its pure form it is painted in silver-white. She gained great popularity due to her beautiful appearance and plasticity. The largest suppliers of platinum are South Africa, Russia, the USA and Canada. It is noteworthy that in the 1800s, Russia had huge reserves of platinum - sources, for example, were found near Yekaterinburg.

Earlier, Russia was a leader in platinum mining

Platinum is used in the jewelry industry,and coins are minted from it. It is also widely used in technology - for example, mirrors for laser technology are made from it. Demand for platinum is also high, so it is very expensive.

Price per kilogram of platinum - about 1,500,000 rubles.

Gold value

One of the first clashes between man and goldhappened 9500 years BC. This metal is found exclusively in its pure form, has high strength, but it is very plastic. The largest gold suppliers are China, Australia, Russia and the United States. For centuries, gold has been considered the most coveted precious metal.

Once upon a time, gold was discovered by people in the form of large nuggets, but now mining takes a lot of time and effort

Everyone already knows that gold is mademany jewelry like rings, chains and so on. Due to the fact that gold conducts electricity perfectly, it is actively used in the manufacture of electronics. It is also very popular in dentistry - did you still see golden teeth?

Price of a kilogram of gold - about 2 million rubles.

California cost

This metal was first obtained by scientists in 1950.year. It can be considered the most expensive metal, because only 20-40 micrograms of California are produced annually. The total world stock is only 8 grams. To create California, nuclear reactors are used, which are located in the United States and Russia. The main value of California is that a gram of this element produces energy from a medium-sized nuclear reactor.

Just look at this beauty - California really looks expensive

California is used in medicine for processingmalignant tumors - sometimes other radiation therapy is useless. Also, metal is used in scientific research and the diagnosis of aircraft damage.

The price of one gram of california it’s different everywhere, somewhere they write about 30 million dollars per gram, and National Geographic writes about 250 million “green” ones. In terms of our money, this is more than 17 billion rubles.

It should be noted that California is the mostexpensive metal in the world, but you can’t buy it on the exchange. But the most expensive metal stored in banks is still gold. I also emphasize that I provided an average price about metals taken from open sources in order to give a general impression. And so, the cost of precious metals is constantly changing.

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As you can see, in the world there is a huge amountprecious metals. You probably already know about some of them, because the other day I published an article about the most interesting metals. I recommend to familiarize yourself!