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The most striking signs that noble blood flows in a person

If we lived several centuries ago, who would youwanted to be - a peasant or a representative of the nobility? Most likely, the majority would choose the nobility, because it means financial wealth, constant going to the balls and the presence of a huge number of privileges. History has developed in such a way that after the revolution, the nobles lost their wealth and today many people do not realize that their ancestors were very high-ranking members of society. However, representatives of the nobility who lived hundreds of years ago at the genetic level passed on to their children external features that are inherent only to nobles. If you look at yourself in the mirror and look for the presence of these features, you can find noble features in yourself. Let's eat them together, shall we?

Do you have noble blood? Look in the mirror and find out


  • 1 Thin and pale skin
  • 2 Small foot size
  • 3 long and thin fingers
  • 4 What is the best way to know your family tree?

Thin and pale skin

While the peasants worked in the fields underthe scorching sun, the nobles sat at home and enjoyed the coolness. Consequently, the skin of the poor people had a strong tan, and the rich people were pale. On thin and light skin, veins were clearly visible, which is why people believed that “blue blood” was flowing in them. In fact, their blood was no different from the peasant. The veins in the arms are blue due to the fact that venous blood, unlike arterial blood, contains little oxygen and therefore has an almost black color. Through the skin, the color of the veins on the arms takes on a bluish or green tint, and this is completely normal. On fair skin, veins are more visible than on dark skin.

To look like the rich, people with dark skin had to lighten it

With a high degree of probability, the nobles handed overthin and pale skin to their children by inheritance, and those to their own, and so on. So, if you have pale skin, perhaps there were nobles in your family. Just keep in mind that pale skin can be a sign of illness or severe stress.

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Small foot size

The second sign that there is something in a personnoble is a small foot size. Indeed, some people are forced to wear size 44 shoes, while others fit size 40. It is believed that hundreds of years ago it was easy to determine the status of a person by the legs. If the legs were large, it means that he walks a lot and thereby "tramples" his feet. And small feet hinted at the fact that a person rarely moves on his own and mostly drives around in carriages.

Small feet were also a sign of a luxurious life.

However, a small foot size is not necessary.speaks of belonging to a noble family. After all, basically this indicator depends on the size of the human body - if the growth is high, therefore, the legs should also be large. And in past centuries, people themselves were small, which was due to poor hygiene, lack of nutrients (even among the nobles) and other factors.

Why does our growth become smaller with age? Here's the answer.

Long and thin fingers

Peasants and nobles were very different even fingers.As a rule, in working people they were short, crooked and generally looked bad. But the rich people's fingers were long and elegant, and there were good reasons for this.

It is believed that in every decent house there should have beento be a keyboard instrument - among the nobles, the piano was highly respected. Boys and girls learned to play it from a very young age, and from these efforts, of course, the shape of their fingers changed. That is why the representatives of the noble family had "musical fingers". Take a look at yours - if they are long and thin, you may well be a descendant of nobles.

Thin fingers are also a sign of wealthy ancestors.

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How best to know your ancestry?

To be fair, it should be noted that thesesigns do not necessarily indicate a rich pedigree. To find out the exact answer to the question of whether a person is an ancestor of the nobles, it is best to undergo a genetic test. Today, there are many companies that are able to share results in as little as a month or even earlier. The process of passing a genetic test is very simple - a person gives up his genetic material (even saliva is enough), after which experts study it in the laboratory. Some organizations allow you to do this remotely, that is, materials can be handed over at home and sent to the laboratory through a courier. True, the cost of a genetic test usually bites and reaches 20,000 rubles or even more.

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