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The most non-obvious causes of poor sleep and well-being

Every adult is advised to sleepless than 7 hours a day. During sleep, the body prepares for the next day - if there is not enough rest, ailments and low productivity are almost guaranteed. According to VTsIOM, about 42% of Russians experience problems with sleep: they cannot fall asleep for a long time, wake up at night, and so on. Approximately the same thing happens with residents of other countries and, in general, every person periodically experiences certain problems with sleep. There are a lot of reasons for poor sleep, ranging from the presence of health problems to the temperature of the air outside the window. In this article, we will look at some of the most common and at the same time non-obvious causes of poor sleep among people. By eliminating these factors, you will be able to sleep longer and better.

Sleep problems can significantly reduce the quality of life. Let's fix this!


  • 1 What happens if you don't sleep well?
  • 2 common causes of poor sleep
    • 2.1 Warm air in the room
    • 2.2 Procrastination in bed
    • 2.3 Light pollution
    • 2.4 Eating before bed
  • 3 How to start sleeping well?

What happens if you don't sleep well?

It is believed that the average person spends in a dreamabout a third of your life. That is, if a 70-year-old man slept for about 8 hours a day all his life, he spent 22 years in a dream. Sleep is an important part of our lives that affects health, job success and many other factors. Therefore, researchers have long been studying what happens to the human body with a lack of rest.

Many people don't even realize how much time they spend sleeping.

Scientists' forecasts are disappointing.They believe that lack of rest weakens the immune system, and also increases the risk of cardiovascular and other types of diseases. Poor sleep also negatively affects a person's mental health. So, the results of studies have shown that in people with lack of sleep, the speed of reactions decreases, memory deteriorates, and in general they become less productive.

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Common Causes of Poor Sleep

There can be many reasons for poor sleep - sometimes people do not even realize that some little things greatly interfere with their rest. Let's look at common factors that impair sleep.

Warm air in the room

Recently, Danish scientists once again remindedthat people sleep best in cool conditions. In the course of evolution, a strong relationship has emerged between body heat transfer and sleep - most likely, it is needed to maintain optimal energy consumption. Our body is designed in such a way that when the body cools down, a person begins to want to sleep. And if the air is warm or especially hot, it becomes very difficult to sleep. That is why it is recommended to ventilate the room before going to bed. It is better to sleep in a cool room under a blanket than to suffer from the heat and deprive yourself of precious hours of sleep.

Sleeping in the heat is a bad idea

Remarkably, that the world temperature is gradually rising.According to the calculations of all the same scientists from Denmark, by 2099, due to the heat, people will lose 50-58 hours of sleep annually. Because of this, people's health can noticeably deteriorate.

procrastination in bed

Many people come home from work at 8 at best.evenings. After that, you need to wash, have dinner and do household chores. By the end of all these tasks, the clock usually hits 11 at night - there is no time to watch a series, play or just relax. Therefore, people try to entertain themselves and delay the next working day by watching YouTube or reading telegram channels (we have it just amazing). This habit is called “procrastination in bed” and a very large number of people have it. Every night, she can take 2-3 hours of sleep, but few people want to fight her.

Instead of watching YouTube and memes, it is better to read a book or lie in a warm bath.


light pollution

For a good rest, it is recommended to sleep incomplete darkness. The fact is that if the light is on in the room, the hormone melatonin, which is important for falling asleep, is produced very weakly. As a result, a person cannot fall asleep, or his sleep becomes superficial, which is why he does not feel rested the next day.

Before going to bed, it is recommended to eliminate all light sources.

In modern apartments from light sourcesit is very difficult to hide. Lanterns shine from the window, all appliances like a TV and a refrigerator are also equipped with indicators. All these little things greatly interfere with human sleep, so you need to get rid of them. If this is not possible, you can buy a sleep mask. Here is a great option. for 300 rubles, and cheaper option for 66 rubles.

Light pollution harms not only people, but also animals - a couple of years ago I talked about how it can kill fish living near cities.

Food before bed

Advice not to eat after 6 p.m.exists for a reason. The fact is that eating before this time and going to bed at 22:00 pm, you can ensure yourself the best sleep. But if you eat right before going to bed, you can load your body with additional tasks and leave it no chance for a good rest. Eating pizza before going to bed can put so much stress on your digestive system that it will be "tired" in the morning. If you regularly break the rule of not eating after 6 pm, serious health problems can begin. Before going to bed, it is not even advised to drink excess liquid - after all, you do not want to lose sleep due to frequent trips to the toilet, do you?

Eating at night is also a very bad idea.

How to start sleeping well?

Based on everything written above, you can improve your sleep by doing the following:

  • starting to air the room before going to bed;
  • stop using your smartphone in the evening;
  • hanging thick curtains, eliminating light from appliances or buying a sleep mask;
  • stop eating at night.

Weakly fulfill all the points and start sleeping better?

Of course, doing all this is very difficult.The second point is especially scary - not everyone can force themselves to put down their smartphone and read a book. But if you do this, well-being can improve markedly.


Do you agree with this list? Maybe you have your own tricks for sound sleep? Write in the comments or our secluded place.