The most maintainable smartphones of 2021 determined (video)

Famous tech blogger and channel authorJerryRigEverything Zach Nelson summed up the past year and traditionally published a rating of the most maintainable, durable and innovative smartphones to hit the market in 2021. Zak presented the results of his research in the form of a short video, which he posted on his YouTube channel.

The smartphone turned out to be the easiest to repairFairphone 4, traditionally developed on the basis of a modular design, facilitating the replacement and repair of individual elements of the device. Nelson noted that the Fairphone 4 is far ahead of all its competitors in maintainability.

Second place, thanks to the minimalusing glue when mounting the screen takes Google's Pixel 6 Pro. This smartphone's display repair takes only 60 seconds. But the most difficult to repair smartphone of the year, Nelson chose the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple. Repairing the screen of this model is difficult using screws of various sizes, and replacing the rear glass becomes an insoluble task, which Apple undertakes to solve for an impressive $ 600.

The expert recognized as the most innovative smartphoneSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. The smartphone with the “cutest” internals is the Legion Duel 2, which at the same time won the title of the most fragile smartphone when tested in bending. The most durable smartphone of the year was named Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G with a plastic rubberized case and sapphire crystal.