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The most incredible cases in the history of the Olympic Games

Winter festivals are in full swing in Beijing, ChinaOlympic Games, in which athletes from different countries try to win 109 sets of medals. At the time of this writing, there has been no scandalous news about the 2022 Olympics. But in general, this grandiose sporting event often became the site of incredible cases. For example, in 1904, marathon runner Frederick Lorz ran 15 kilometers from the starting line, and then ... got into his manager's car and covered most of the way, enjoying the ride on the "iron horse". Closer to the finish line, he returned to the distance and won, but his lie was revealed. At first, he was banned from competition for life, but then the restriction was lifted. Want more stories like this?

Marathon runner Frederic Lorz, who completed the marathon by car


  • 1 Missing Runner Shizo Kanakuri
  • 2 Abebe Bikila is a shoeless marathon runner.
  • 3 Tunisian Athletes' Cunning
  • 4 Bobby Pierce Is The Kindest Rowing Champion Ever
  • 5 Unrevealed ring at the Sochi Olympics

Missing runner Shizo Kanakuri

In 1912 the Olympics were held in the SwedishStockholm. To participate in the competition, the Japanese marathon runner Shizo Kanakuri overcame a huge path lasting 18 days. Upon arrival in the city, he was very exhausted and had digestive problems due to unfamiliar dishes. In addition, on the day of the race there was a 25-degree heat, due to which even local athletes often overheated. During the marathon, the Japanese athlete could not stand the load and lost consciousness. He was rescued by local farmers.

Japanese marathon runner Shizo Kanakuri

Marathon runner Shizo Kanakuri was very embarrassed by hisdefeat. Ashamed of his failure, he left for his homeland without even notifying the Olympic Committee. In Sweden, he was considered missing for 50 years. Only in 1967, as a result of an investigation by journalists, it became known that he lives in Japan and has been participating in races all this time. He was asked to complete the race and the athlete, who had already become an old man, agreed. This case entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest run in history - its duration was 54 years 246 days 5 hours 32 minutes and 20.3 seconds. In his homeland, Shizo Kanakuri is considered the "father of the marathon".

Already aged Shizo Kanakuri crosses the finish line

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Abebe Bikila - shoeless marathon runner

Since we are talking about marathon runners, let's continue.During the 1960 Rome Olympics, Ethiopian marathoner Abebe Bikila replaced his colleague because he could not continue. Shoes are provided by sponsors but, unfortunately for the runner, there were no shoes in his size. But this was not a reason to give up. Determined Abebe Bikila ran the marathon with bare feet. Despite the lack of shoes, he came to the finish line first and received the Gold medal. This is the only time a marathon has been run barefoot.

Barefoot marathon runner Abebe Bikila runs to the finish line

The trick of the Tunisian athletes

During the 1960 Olympics, anotherinteresting case. Sports fans probably know that the pentathlon includes such disciplines as running, shooting, swimming, show jumping and fencing. Tunisian athletes Lakdar Bouzid, Habib Ben Azzabi and Ahmed Ennachi, for inexplicable reasons, received a whole series of problems. While swimming, one of them almost drowned, and then they fell off the provided show jumping horses and could not hit the bull's-eye during the shooting. To earn more points, they decided on a desperate step - one of them was a good swordsman, so he took part in the competition for all his colleagues. They believed that under the helmet no one would notice the difference. But their deceit was exposed.

Unfortunately, photos of Tunisian athletes could not be found.

Bobby Pierce is the kindest rowing champion

In 1928 the Olympic Games were held inDutch Amsterdam. During the rowing competition, Australian athlete Bobby Pierce stopped to let a family of ducks pass in front of him. While he was watching the birds, his rival managed to overtake him. But, as soon as the ducks swam to a safe distance, the athlete began to row with all his might and won the race. He came first and thus deserved the gold medal.

Australian rower Bobby Pierce

Unopened ring at the Sochi Olympics

In 2014, the Olympics were held in Sochi - it wasa grand celebration for our entire country. A whopping $22 billion is believed to have been allocated to the organization. However, there were some funny moments. At the opening ceremony, one of the rings of the emblem of the Olympics did not open. But this sign symbolizes the five parts of the world! It turned out that during the installation of the structure, the workers dropped it. But there was no visible damage, so they thought everything was working.

Unopened ring at the Sochi Olympics

Subsequently, even themselves laughed at this case.event organizers. So, the creative producer of the competition, Konstantin Ernst, came to the conference on the topic of closing the games in a T-shirt with the image of an unopened ring. And during the closing ceremony itself, the participants of the action formed five rings, one of which was small. After waiting a little, he suddenly opened up.

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