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The most gaming of the cheapest and the largest of the gaming - Infinix Note 8

Not so long ago, I already talked about how inI have been using the Infinix Zero 8 for some time. I noted that this smartphone has a lot that made it possible to call it good. He had a decent camera, a low price, without exaggeration, a unique design and some other useful things. The most important thing is that he was balanced and did not try to push forward any one indicator, saving a lot on others. Now I was curious to check out other smartphones from this brand, and I got the Infinix Note 8. It differs from my previous experience, but still offers a very high resolution camera, great gaming capabilities and just a huge screen with a diagonal of almost 7 inches. If you find out how much it costs, then it will be even more interesting for you to learn more about it. But let's talk about everything in order.

A gaming smartphone can be cheap and still perform well.


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    • 1.3 How Infinix Note 8 Shoots
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Infinix Note 8 Review

When you take your smartphone out of the box, the first thing you notice is its huge screen. With a diagonal of 6.95 inches, it is very harmoniously blended into the body with narrow bezels, and therefore it is convenient for them to use... It is especially pleasant to watch videos and play games on such a screen. Moreover, the hardware of the smartphone is just sharpened for the possibilities of gaming use. However, we will return to this later.

The Infinix Note 8 bundle is obscenely rich by modern standards. It includes a protective case, a film on the screen, headphones, a USB to USB Type-C cable and an 18W power adapter.

The case is so shiny it even lets out glare.

The top edge of the case is completely smooth.On the right are all the buttons, including the power button with a built-in fingerprint scanner. In my opinion, this is the best place to place it, when you do not have to reach for the back wall or touch the screen. On the left side there is a tray in which there are three seats (for two SIM cards and one memory card). The headphone jack is located at the bottom, USB Type-C, microphone and speaker. I note right away that in combination with the main spoken speaker, the lower one can provide real stereo sound.

This is the nicest thing about a smartphone. There is no need to compromise.

Outwardly, you can only find fault with the fact that the chin of the front panel is slightly larger than we would like, but this is also found on significantly more expensive models.

Smartphone for playing PUBG and CoD

As I said above, the smartphone was created forgames and does an excellent job of it. I will not say that you will get the maximum frame rate when playing "Kolda" or PUBG at maximum settings, but even in this mode the smartphone will more or less cope and will give out about 25 fps. If you need something more, it is better to lower the settings a little and get your 40-45 frames per second. You can accelerate to 50-60, but then you will have to make more serious compromises.

Smartphone performance is based on an 8-core processor Mediatek Helio G80 with graphics Mali-G52... And even if it is made using a 12-nanometer process technology, this is enough for this chipset.

You can play it.

I can't help but notice that under heavy loadthe smartphone heats up noticeably, but this almost does not lead to a loss of performance, and if you use a cover, then it will not be a big problem for your fingers. The main thing is not to charge it while playing, so as not to exacerbate the heat. 5200 mAh battery will help with this perfectly. It works really long. Even in game mode.

The best location for the fingerprint scanner.

RAM in Infinix Note 8 as much 6 GBand constant 128 GB, which is also not enough. If you still need more, you can expand the memory up to 2 TB using a microSD memory card.

If we talk about competitors on which it canto be like the Infinix Note 8, the Poco M3 comes to mind first. If you were considering buying this device, pay attention to the Note 8, which costs less.

More from Infinix Note 8

How Infinix Note 8 shoots

A smartphone camera is important to every shopper.We use this type of device all the time and we just can't buy something that doesn't shoot well. The days when it was possible to use a separate camera are over and now it is necessary that everything be in one building.

The front camera is double, but only one module is actually removed.

That is why there is a lot of emphasis on the Infinix Note 8made exactly on the camera. Its front camera received a resolution of 16 megapixels, and there are two modules. True, only one is responsible for photography - the second is needed to determine the background and blur it in portrait mode.

As for the quality of the photos, there is nothing to complain about. Against the background of competitors, the quality of the images is very good, and the detail seemed to me much higher.


In room

The only complaint is that under difficult shooting conditions, for example, when there are light sources in the frame, the pictures are greatly overexposed. Simply put, they become too light and bright.

I was surprised by the presence of a flash in the Infinix Note 8 forfront camera. It is not visible during normal times, but when you turn it on, two bright LEDs can save some night shots. This is exactly a separate flash, and not an imitation of it, when the screen simply lights up with white light at maximum brightness.

There is a flash.

In the main module, too, only half of the cameras allow you to take photos. There are 4 lenses in total, but one of them is responsible for bokeh, the second is needed for AI to work, and only the other two are ultra-wide and a regular module

There are many modules, but only two are removed.

The detail of images on the main camera is higher thanfront, and at maximum resolution you can see many details. Apparently, the images are still being processed by software to improve clarity. The examples in this article will not provide a complete understanding of the granularity. It is better to download the original photos from this link and check them out for yourself.

If just high-quality photos are not enough, there are also various enhancements, slowdown, short creative videos and even support for Google Lens with all its benefits.

Download original photos of the Infinix Note 8 camera

Big screen smartphone

Screen resolution may not seem large enough for this size. But even with permission 720 by 1640 dots the pixel density is generally sufficient forcomfortable use, and usually find fault with only the first few minutes. But with such a resolution, it is easier for the processor to process the picture, and the frame rate in games, and simply becomes higher when used. And at the same time it allows the battery to discharge a little more slowly.

The screen is huge. But this cannot be conveyed in the photo.

The aspect ratio of the screen is 20.5: 9... This makes it possible to achieve ease of use with a relatively small body width. Among other important parameters, it is worth noting the contrast, which is quite good for IPS screens - 1500: 1as well as peak brightness 480 nits, which is enough even for outdoor use.

Should you buy the Infinix Note 8

Talking about the hardware of any smartphone can take a long time, but let's just list the pros and cons of the Infinix Note 8, which I almost immediately drew attention to.

The cheapest of the flagships - Infinix Zero 8 review

To the pluses I will include:good camera, front flash, stereo sound, high performance and a lot of memory. I have always liked the non-combined slots, which allow you to install two SIM cards and one memory card at the same time.

Of the minuses, I drew attention to the lack of NFC, fingerprints, which will be most noticeable on the black case, and not the best macro camera.

Considering the price, such a smartphone should not disappoint its buyer.

Where to place the big screen and some of the functions of the XOS operating system, such as cloning applications, decide for yourself. This is all for an amateur and objectivity here cannot be.

In the end, of course, we need to talk about cost.Moreover, during testing, I so often closed my eyes to some shortcomings, explaining this by the low price. The Infinx Note 8 costs approximately $ 227 or 16,990 rubles. This is the official price, but now you can buy it for 10,990 rubles.

This is the price that makes it the mostattractive, and now you understand why in some places I did not find fault with him very much, and in others I frankly praised him. For this money, the device turned out to be excellent.

Buy Infinix Note 8

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