The most difficult level of Guitar Hero completed for the first time with 100% efficiency (video)

Community of unique musicalcomputer game Guitar Hero was recently thrilled by new sensational news. The extremely difficult mode, in which the player had to play the track Soulless 6, was completed with 100% efficiency.

For 10 years, players could not perform onplaying guitar or other playable controllers, a Soulless 6 song in perfect quality. The creators of the game deliberately made the composition difficult to make it impossible to execute. However, the work and time were able to bear fruit - the gamer CarnyJared, during a live stream, was able to set a record and complete the track with 100% result.

The gameplay during which there wasFor more than 10 years the composition, which was not amenable to players, was “defeated”, was captured on video and published on YouTube. The set record surprised the player himself the most. The sincere emotions of the gamer CarnyJared after the victory over the track Soulless 6 can amaze the audience no less than the very fact of winning a 10-year gaming marathon.