The most dangerous vulnerability is found in Android smartphones (4 photos)

From time to time the Android OS shows upbizarre security flaws that become the reason for special attack methods of intruders. Google found a way to hack an Android smartphone by opening a PNG image.

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The information was made public by Google, whichwarned system users of a security breach affecting millions of smartphones around the world on Android OS 7 Nougat, 8 Oreo and even 9 Pie. A paper published by the corporation states that the technique allows using this “special” PNG image for remote code execution within the system. In practice, this means that you can get an image on your device through social networks, email or instant messenger, which will lead to infection of the Android system.

In addition to this vulnerability, the search giantalso found two other errors, including one related to the Bluetooth signal, which could allow malicious transmission and execute arbitrary code on devices. Other security issues affect Android system files, as well as the NVIDIA library and components. In total, Google fixed 42 vulnerabilities in the system, 11 of which were deemed critical. All changes are taken into account in the February security update of the operating system.

The good news in this whole story isThe fact that Google did not fix a single case in which a PNG vulnerability would be used by cybercriminals. What can become bad is that not every manufacturer of Android-based smartphones and tablets quickly, that is, in the same month, releases security patches and, when the holders of vulnerable devices receive them, is unknown.