The most convenient car assistant - holographic (6 photos + video)

Car Holographic Assistant EyeDrivedesigned to reduce the risk of accidents due to the use of a smartphone while driving. The new gadget will display the most important data from mobile applications directly on the windshield.

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So you can see the music player,Navigator and even the image of the contact in the event of a message or an incoming call. The novelty can be controlled with the help of voice assistants from Apple or Google, depending on which brand of smartphone the user has. Simple swipe gestures are also supported. To use them, it is enough to install a proprietary infrared sensor that detects movement in the car. With the help of new items you can change the volume of the music, reject and receive calls, navigate through the menu EyeDrive. The sensor functions from the built-in battery for 500 hours without recharging.

The EyeDrive kit is seamlessly complemented bysame autonomous parking camera. This gadget is protected from water. It has a built-in wireless module that allows you to broadcast the image directly to the base module projecting it. In order to maximize the brightness of everything that is displayed, a special transparent film is stuck onto the glass. Thanks to its reflective surface, the image becomes “readable” in any conditions, among other things, in the bright sun.

The EyeDrive gadget can be purchased through Indiegogo for $ 199. If the kit includes a motion sensor, the cost will be $ 269 dollars. The option also with a parking camera will cost $ 349.