The most affordable reader Amazon Kindle 2019 got the screen backlight (6 photos)

Amazon announced a new version of the budget e-book - Kindle 2019. The most accessible reader of the company now has a display backlight.

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Built-in adjustable backlight providesfour LED elements. What is the main change in the parameters of the Kindle 2019 regarding the previous model, released 3 years ago. As noted in Amazon, the design of the case was also improved - now it is much more convenient to hold the device in your hands while reading. The weight of the device - 174 grams, dimensions - 160 x 113 x 8.7 millimeters.

Diagonal touch E-Ink-display newsis 6 inches, the pixel density is moderate - 167 PPI, resolution - 800 × 600 pixels. The matrix, as before, was drowned deep into the body. This is the difference of this model from the older analogues in which it was performed in a single plane with edging. Unfortunately, the Kindle 2019 remains the only model in the "family" of readers from Amazon, not protected from moisture.

The internal memory of the gadget holds 4 GB of data,assurances of the company, this space is enough to store up to 1,000 books. The device supports nachitku tests for headphones or Bluetooth-speakers using technology Audible. To connect to the network has a wireless module Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n.

A full battery lasts about 4 weeks, provided you read with light for half an hour per day. To charge the device at 100 percent, about 4 hours is enough.

New worth $ 10 morepredecessor: $ 89.99 / 109.99. It will be sold in white and black colors from April 10th. It is important to remember that the manufacturer conducts promotions from time to time, selling its readers with substantial discounts. So it is worth a little wait for a bargain price for a new product.