The monkey played Pong using the "power of thought" and a chip from Elon Musk's company (video)

Nine-year-old macaque Pager demonstratedthe success of the next project by Elon Musk, which is being worked on by the Neuralink company, which creates a microprocessor designed for implantation into the brain. In the future, the fully autonomous, brain-implanted Neuralink wireless interface will allow paralyzed people to use neural activity to control computers and mobile devices.

The real successes of Neuralink were presented invideo posted on the official YouTube channel of the company. The first frames show that the animal copes with the task quite successfully using the joystick. In this case, the macaque receives an award in the form of a banana smoothie, and the researchers recorded the reaction of neurons in Pager's brain using implanted Neuralink chips.

At the next stage (2:16 minutes of video) the physical joystick is taken from the monkey, and the control of the game process is transferred to the computer, which decodes the neural signals coming from the Pager's brain to the implanted chip. Thus, using only the "power of thought", the macaque very successfully plays a computer game without using any physical controls.

Elon Musk believes that Neuralink's productsthe future will allow paralyzed people to work with computer equipment even faster than physically healthy users can. Musk also hopes that Neuralink chips can become the basis for the process of restoring movement activity in paralyzed patients.

Source: neuralink