The mistake of pharmacists from Spain caused the “Werewolf Syndrome”

Well-known pharmaceutical company from SpainFaced with the problem of an outbreak of unusual hair growth in newborns as a result of the use of children's medicinal syrup produced in the company. So, Farma-Química Sur may be guilty of the development in infants of a very specific condition, which is currently called the "werewolf syndrome."

This is what a person with a werewolf syndrome looks like.

What is a werewolf syndrome?

“Werewolf Syndrome” or Hypertrichosischaracterized by abundant hair growth, which can capture not only some individual part of the body, but the entire skin integument. The syndrome owes its unflattering name to the emergence of circuses, in which children suffering from this unusual disease were usually shown as “wolf children”.

Despite the fact that those cruel times are long gone, the sharp growth of hair on the child’s body can shock parents concerned.

“My son’s forehead, cheeks, arms and legs were covered with hair,” said the mother of one of the injured children, Angela Cellles, to the Spanish daily El País.

Angela Cellles' six-month-old son is one of 17infants diagnosed with acquired form of hypertrichosis in the regions of Cantabria, Valencia, Andalusia and Granada. The investigation showed that all children used Omeprazole, which is intended to treat indigestion. The only problem was that Omeprazole alone does not cause excessive hair growth, which is why the inspectors investigating the incident were sent to the factory where the medicine was made.

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As it turned out, the required batch of medicine wasbrought from India, where it was mixed with another product called “Minoxidil”. This medicine is usually used to treat the effects of male pattern baldness and alopecia, but that’s just why both remedies were leaky during the long haul, is still an issue for the inspector commission.

Anyway, if the Spanish Farma-Química SurIt will not conduct a planned audit of production over the next six months, the company may be revoked the license to manufacture and distribute pharmaceutical products

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Can Werewolf Syndrome Cure?

While families of 17 children with hypertrichosis are still trying to recover from shock, doctors promise that such a reaction should completely disappear in the next few months.

However, even a positive outcome of such a situationin no way will facilitate the life of a family from Nepal, in which hypertrichosis affected all members of the family. The mother and her three children decided to resort to laser hair removal in the hope that the excess hairline will finally cease to disturb them, and the Budhatoka family will finally be able to live a normal life.

Hypertrichosis Budhatoka family from Nepal

Due to its relative rarity, hypertrichosisor “werewolf syndrome” is considered a genetic disease associated with an abnormality in the chromosome. Over the past 400 years, only about 50 cases of this disease have been recorded, which suggests that one out of 10 billion people can get this unusual disease.

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