The ministry will allow you to remove Russian pre-installed applications

Russian regulators may soonmake a decision to relax the rules for pre-installation of domestic applications on smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and computers sold in Russia. Experts say that the main reason for the relaxation is the conflict with Samsung, whose gadgets have recently received non-removable Yandex applications. The updated rules, meanwhile, require serious revision, since they may contain both double interpretations and certain risks for producers and consumers.

Regulation on the relaxation of regulatory policyis being developed by specialists of the Ministry of Digital Industry and has already appeared on the official portal as amendments to the government decrees of November 18 last year. However, the amendments were removed on April 23rd. Experts explain this by the need for a more detailed study of the document with the involvement of representatives of other ministries and departments (FAS, the Ministry of Economy, Rospotrebnadzor and others).

The draft amendments provided for the possibilityremoval of pre-installed Russian applications from smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and computers sold in the Russian Federation. Also, manufacturers of electronic devices will be able to receive payments from domestic application developers for installing software on more favorable terms than the manufacturer's proprietary software.

Recall that the provision on the needinstall domestic apps works for devices released after April 1, 2021. According to the developers of the document, the ability to remove Russian preinstalled programs will also apply to other software available on gadgets.