The market for traditional personal computers continues to decline

According to research firm IDC, the traditional personal computer market continues to decline,

in the third quarter of this year, shipments amounted to74.3 million devices, which was 15% lower than the shipments of the same period a year earlier. At the same time, as noted, the level of these shipments is still higher than what it was in the pre-pandemic period. The leader in shipments in the last quarter was Lenovo with a result of 16.9 million devices and a share of 22.7%, its sales decreased by 16.1%. Second place went to HP with shipments of 12.7 million devices and a 17.1% share, its sales decreased by 27.8%. Dell ranked third with shipments of 11.9 million units and a 16.1% share, while Dell's sales fell 21.2%. Separately, it is noted that Apple, which occupies the fourth line of the global ranking, sold 10 million devices, its sales grew by 40.2%, and its market share was 13.5%.