The market for flexible smartphones should grow to 18.5 million units this year

According to research company TrendForce, 12.8 million flexible smartphones were delivered to the market in 2022, and in

this year the market should grow and reachalready 18.5 million devices. Experts believe that the market for articulated devices for flexible smartphones will exceed $500 million this year, the growth of this market will be 14.6% in annual terms. The hinge market for flexible smartphones is showing positive growth both in terms of volume and the quality of the devices themselves. The hinge in a flexible smartphone is one of the main components that determine the overall reliability and durability of a smartphone. At the moment, there are two designs of devices on the market - these are models with a U-shaped and a drop-shaped shape. U-shaped models account for about 80% of the market, the remaining 20% ​​are occupied by teardrop hinges. This ratio is expected to start to change this year due to Samsung's possible move to teardrop hinges.