The maintainability of MacBook Air laptops is higher than that of its predecessors (5 photos)

Almost immediately after the presentation of the companyApple, during which updated MacBook Air laptops, iPad Pro 2020 tablets and a proprietary keyboard for tablets were presented, experts began to actively study the physical and technical parameters of the new products. Experts from iFixit were among the first to publish the results of testing for the maintainability of new laptops.

Major Design Change for MacBook Airis the replacement of the unsuccessful mechanism of the keyboard "butterfly" on the traditional mechanism of "scissors", which increased the reliability of the laptop. Significant changes have occurred in the design of the case, which made the laptop more adapted to operational disassembly, and therefore for repair work.

In the new laptop, you don’t have to dismantle alllower body to replace the trackpad. To do this, just disconnect the cable suitable for it. Also, iFixit experts note a simplification of the battery removal process, which in previous models was “pinched” by cables that press it to the system board. The new MacBook Air has no such problem.

As a result of the study, iFixit engineersincreased the maintainability of the MacBook Air 2020 by one point compared to previous-generation laptops. The maintainability assessment of the new Apple laptops according to iFixit experts is now 4 out of 10 points.

Source: iFitxit