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The magic of color: how colors affect our lives

Our life has become so crowdedinformation that only advertising per day, according to conservative estimates of scientists, we watch about 430 times. And each advertisement is unique, each has its own color palette. Then we go outside and see a parade of colors again: the orange and green uniforms of workers, white-red and blue signs, countless dark shades of clothing and much, much more. Have you ever wondered how the abundance of one color or another around you affects you? How strong is this influence, and how are all kinds of companies taking advantage of it?

Color is not only a spectrum, but also a psychological factor

Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant sits. Everyone remembers this baby reminder of the colors of the rainbow, right? But what is color? This question was answered back in 1676 by Isaac Newton, conducting an experiment with a prism. Newton discovered that light is split into a spectrum of 7 colors. This spectrum refers to visible radiation, and each color has its own wavelength, which is why they differ for us.

Visible light spectrum

But Newton is not the only rich topic of flowers - people are increasingly trying to understand the essence of things, so the science of color science appeared.

Color science - The science of analyzing the processes of perception and color discrimination based on systematic information from physics, physiology and psychology.

After numerous experiments,color scientists have found patterns in the impact of certain colors on the sensations and perceptions of the world. And this information has revolutionized the world of advertising and the latent impact on human thoughts. For instance:


  • 1 Red - the color of power
  • 2 Orange - quality color
  • 3 Yellow - the color of positive
  • 4 Green is the color of life
  • 5 Blue - the color of comfort
  • 6 Blue - the color of reliability
  • 7 Violet - the color of luxury

Red is the color of power

McDonald's and Coca-Cola red color does not interfere

Red color is great for attracting attention and increasing any activity. Red helps many to feel confidently.

Unexpected effect in practice: red packaging subconsciously makes you eat less. It would seem that the same McDonald's and Coca-Cola are full of this color, and their revenue is only growing, but when checking the effects on the body, it turned out that the red package works like a kind of stop signal. True, McDonald's and Coca-Cola also have a strong effect on the sense of smell of a person, and, apparently, in this case the color is inferior to smells primacy.

Orange is the color of quality

Memorable Orange Becomes Jetstar's Business Card

Orange color helps to feel vigor,perhaps that is why all the wipers in our country, starting from 6 in the morning, work in orange uniform, tirelessly. In addition, orange is recommended for use in gyms.

Practical application: orange is well suited for products that are said to be “perfect value for money”. At one time, the airline decided to use these data Jetstar airways.

Yellow is the color of positive

Have you ordered an airplane for the minions?

Yellow is a bit controversial - it raisesmood also helps to be happy no worse than a new experience, but at the same time it embodies a certain anxiety and fear. Usually yellow is used in warning road signs or for a colorful presentation.

An unusual fact: returning to the topic of airplanes, Ryanair used yellow at one stage, but the abundance of yellow was very annoying and did not add any fun, rather it was alarming.

Green is the color of life

Green color, and you will only dream of peace

Green brings stability andhelps focus - remember the blackboard. In addition, green color brings an atmosphere of liveliness - several houseplants even in an empty room will significantly “enliven the interior”.

Practical application: green color stimulates visual imagination and promotes creativity. Therefore, if you are an artist, surround yourself with green or go to nature.

Our logo is also green - join us on Google News, and let our channel always inspire you!

Blue is the color of comfort

A simple but very effective solution

Blue color helps calm down. Blue (color) is a synonym for peace. If you want to relax, then the blue color is what you need.

Practical application: surprisingly, in Japan there are a lot of suicides who are ready to throw themselves under the train. To reduce the number of suicides, blue lamps are installed at the stations. And no matter how strange it may sound, with the introduction of blue lamps, the number of suicides rushing under a train sharply decreased.

Blue is the color of reliability

Blue is the perfect option for a finance and insurance company.

The blue color inspires confidence. Apparently, the decision to change the colors of all buses from green to bluish-blue is associated with a desire to reduce nervousness in buses and an attempt to instill confidence in Russian public transport. By the way, blue is also prevailing in new metro cars in the Moscow metro.

Alternative use: due to the fact that the blue color causes a sensation reliability, it is often used by insurance and financial companies - remember PayPal, VTB.

Violet is the color of luxury

No wonder the Queen of Great Britain wears purple things

Practical application: purple is often used in furniture, purple as a mixture of red and blue gives power and peace in one bottle. As a result, we have a noble calm.

Thus, the power of color is somewhat underestimated. It seems that the color is so insignificant that it does not play even the slightest role, but in reality everything is exactly the opposite. The influence of colors on us is proven, and this is what the authorities and marketers use to the full.

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