The lightest infrared camera in the world from Rostec

Using infrared camerasshort-wave range (SWIR) is possible to solve numerous problems in industry, medicine in law enforcement and during rescue operations. The Schwabe division of Rostec State Corporation has created a miniature SWIR camera whose weight does not exceed 100 grams, which allows it to be used on drones equipped with a GoPro suspension.

Shooting in this range eliminates interferencecreated by dust, fog, smoke and even tinted windows. The Russian development is based on a prototype developed by Orion NPO, but using an original short-focus lens that halves the weight of the camera. The mass of the remaining parts is also reduced without changing the technical characteristics.

The camera can be used on anyamateur drones equipped with a GoPro mount. The absence of the need for focusing facilitates the use of the device in difficult conditions and allows the camera to be used in agricultural geology and prospecting.

According to the developers of the SWIR camera, you canattributed to dual-use devices, which allows you to use the potential of the defense complex when creating high-tech compact gadgets for civilian purposes.

Source: Rostec