The latest preparations for the test flight of the Martian spaceship Starship Ilona Mask

The rapid development of the flight project to Mars,implemented by SpaceX Ilona Mask is gaining momentum. By the end of this month, the first reusable Starship ship will be ready for full flight tests - take-off for 20 km. The first test trial of the Starhopper prototype was limited to taking off just 20 meters above the ground.

SpaceX is currently awaiting a responseA test application sent to the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The head of the company, Ilon Musk, confirmed the almost complete readiness of the Starship for flight testing. A tireless enthusiast also announced the start of the process of technical re-equipment of a private test site in Boca Chica (Texas, USA), from which the future launch of Starship with the colonists to Mars is supposed.

Scheduled first Starship flight test, byAssurance Mask will belong to the class of orbital, simulating a full flight. The test program provides for take-off for 20 km and landing on a special site.

Starship ship presentation scheduled for 28September, and the test launch of the ship is likely to take place on October 13. Mask plans to complete the first commercial launch of an interplanetary ship as early as 2021.

SpaceX's plans to fly to Mars arethe most technically challenging in human history. The reusable Starship has a height of 118 meters and will become the basis of the entire project. Note that Musk abandoned the initial intention to make the ship’s hull of carbon fiber and replaced it with cheaper steel.

It is expected that at the presentation at the end of September a program will be announced to create a giant ship with a diameter of 30 meters and a height of over 200 meters.

Source: engadget