The largest organism on earth is on the verge of death

The heaviest and largest living organism on Earthis by no means an elephant and not even a whale. Oddly enough, the largest organism is the Pando system, consisting of 40,000 trees joined together by roots. It covers an area of ​​43 hectares, and its weight is 6000 tons. The start date of its formation coincided with the end of the Ice Age, but after thousands of years of its existence, it faced great problems and is now on the verge of extinction.

Judging by the research published on the portalPLOS One Wednesday, the aspen forest stopped growing. The researchers made this conclusion by examining 106 acres of territory. In fact, the forest stopped growing at least 30-40 years ago.

According to Paul Rogers, head of the Western AllianceAspen, who did the same research in 2017 but on a smaller scale, is caused by people. The fact is that they allowed the local deer and other animals to eat all the available seedlings. The researchers did not find a single germ with a whole tip.

Previously, predators regulated the deer populationlike bears and wolves, but because of the hunt their number has decreased. Also in the disappearance of sprouts blame the ranch, which produce animals - that the forest "came to life", it is necessary to suspend the walking of livestock.

The influence of the human factor on Pando is clearly seen when comparing his photographs of 1939 and 2011. It becomes clear that people began to build houses and campgrounds.

In the future, researchers want to learn how toaffect forest climate change. It is noteworthy that their goal is not to observe the death of a huge organism, but an attempt to draw the authorities' attention to the problem. After announcing the danger, they want to get support at the state level so that people stop destroying the forest and he resumed growth.

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