The largest mission to clear the ocean of plastic waste started

Oceans pollution by plastic trash inRecently, there has been increasing concern among environmentalists. This poses a threat not only to the survival of marine species, but also to the planet as a whole. And just this weekend, a very ambitious mission to clean up the world's oceans starts in the port of Los Angeles.

According to available data, today inabout 350 million tons of plastic waste floats in the waters of the oceans. The main problem associated with plastic trash is that it is extremely heterogeneous and small. And it is very difficult to assemble. In order to solve this problem, scientists thought that a good solution would be to establish barriers that will help to concentrate the plastic in one place in order to assemble it later. It is for this purpose that the Ocean Cleanup ship leaves more than 600 meters of light water pipes on board from one of the Los Angeles ports.

“For the first time, such a device will not be tested inlaboratories, but in real conditions. And if the experiment is successful, we will have a real opportunity to get rid of the "plastic plague." - said the developers of the project

Special tools are installed on the pipes forpulling and collecting garbage. He must fall into these “catchers” and settle there, after which he will only need to collect it. For all its merits, the project currently has some “white spots”. For example, it is still not clear how the devices will affect the existence of marine life or how pipes will survive the storm.

“We are confident that, if successful, with the help of our"Technology can be removed from the ocean to half of all plastic garbage in 5 years, and by 2040 the World Ocean can be cleaned up to 90%."

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