The largest lizards in the world - how did they survive to this day?

Do you know that in the world there are giganticlizards that can attack a huge buffalo and eat it? Surprisingly, there are such animals and they are known as monitor lizards or Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis). There are about 80 species in total - these unique animals are the most important predators on some islands and even attack people. Even more surprisingly, they are quite ancient predators and lived even 18 million years ago. But how could they survive to our times?

Lizards run at speeds up to 20 kilometers per hour

Komodo lizards are truly the mostthe largest lizards in the world - their body length reaches 3 meters and the mass is 130 kilograms. In addition to a huge and heavy body, they are notable for their long and deeply forked tongue. Very unusual traits for a lizard, isn't it? Given that lizards often attack pets and even people are not surprised that they are called dragons.

The most dangerous lizards in the world

Most often, monitor lizards can be found onthe Indonesian island of Komodo, so those who want to look at unusual animals and go to this place. Given that humanity itself, without realizing it, destroys nature, it is amazing how a rather rare species of lizards could survive to this day. However, scientists have recently appeared to this phenomenon a fairly logical explanation.

Lizards are so dangerous predators that they can eat poisonous snakes

If as an example for an explanation to take thatthe same island of Komodo, it becomes clear that people appeared on it recently. The fact that this place is very arid is not infertile. Therefore, we can assume that only lizards and other hardy creatures could survive on it. The survival of giant monitor lizards was facilitated by their ability to save energy and do without food for a long time.

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Scientists believe that in some kind of historicalfor a period of time the giant lizards were so hungry that they even temporarily decreased in size. However, after the appearance of people and animals on the island, they began to actively hunt, grow and gain weight. Even now they feel great in nature, because they are practically not afraid of anyone.

Animals that never get sick

In addition, monitor lizards never get sick becausehave a surprisingly strong immune system. In one study, biologists found that the mouth of huge lizards is a storehouse of all kinds of bacteria. Such a number of microbes could kill a person, but monitor lizards are not afraid of their impact. And indeed, these creatures seem the most fearless in the world. Do you know another creature that eats a huge amount of rotten meat and feels great?

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Scientists, without exaggeration, are fascinatedthese animals. In 2017, a group of scientists from the US state of Virginia became so interested in them that they decided to use their blood as a powerful antibacterial agent. You know, and with this pace, you can create new antibiotics that can destroy the most powerful viruses to date.

Not all monitor lizards grow as giants, there are also small species

Like it or not, monitor lizards are really amazingpredators. If you want to know more about them, we recommend watching the documentary “Dangerous Encounters. Dragon Hunt 2007. If you can advise something else - be sure to write in our Telegram chat, we will be happy!