The largest hybrid aircraft Ampaire 337 is preparing for regional flights

Manufacturers are trying in every wayminimize pollution, so in recent years, in addition to electric cars, the world has seen many prototypes of hybrid aircraft. Take, for example, the flying Terrafugia car - thanks to the hybrid engine, it pollutes the air less and accommodates two people. There are more hybrid airplanes in the world, and one of them is the Ampaire 337 - the other day it made its first public flight and proved that it was almost ready for commercial use.

The aircraft is based on a twin-engined aircraft.Cessna 337 Skymaster with six passenger seats. The original was created in the distant 1950s, and was used both for civilian and military purposes. In contrast, the hybrid Ampaire 337 lacks one of two internal combustion engines — an electrically powered engine is installed instead. The developers believe that such a scheme will provide the best efficiency of the aircraft in flight.

Cessna 337 Skymaster Aircraft

The first flight of the hybrid aircraft Ampaire 337

Recently, the plane made its first flight,having started from the airport of Californian city Camarillo. During the tests on board were a pilot and flight engineer who announced that the flight was the best possible. The developers intend to continue to carry out test flights until August 2019 and collect data that will help improve the aircraft.

Updated based on this prototype inThe future is planned to be tested in Hawaii. If he successfully passes the test, Ampaire plans to launch the aircraft into commercial use as early as 2021. It is assumed that it will be used to transport passengers between close cities - long-distance flights are unlikely to be possible.

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In the future, Ampaire 337 may lose status.the largest hybrid aircraft, because its competitor may be a plane from a startup Faradair Aerospace. It is already under development - it is expected that it will accommodate 18 passengers, have a high carrying capacity due to the triple wing, and give a minimum of noise. You can read more about it in our material.

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