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The largest aquarium in the world burst - what is known about it?

Early in the morning on December 16, 2022 in Berlin burstthe largest cylindrical aquarium in the world AquaDom. It was located in the heart of the Dom Aquaree hotel, contained 1 million liters of water and was home to 1.5 thousand fish. It all started with a loud sound - most likely, a crack formed in the glass of the aquarium and quickly increased in size. Water filled the first floor of the hotel and burst out into the street, causing a flood on one of the main streets of the German capital. As a result of the destruction of a huge reservoir of water, two people were injured, and the fish that lived in it died, but some were saved. 100 emergency workers worked to eliminate the consequences of the emergency. Let's see why the AquaDom aquarium in Berlin burst and in general - what was it notable for besides its gigantic size?

Germany's largest cylindrical aquarium AquaDom burst

AquaDom dimensions

At the moment it is believed that the aquarium"Aquadom" burst due to the fact that its components are outdated. This seems to be true, because a huge water tank was erected in the center of a German hotel back in 2003.

AquaDom aquarium, when it was still whole

The size of the AquaDom aquarium was impressive - ittowered 16 meters, and its diameter was 11.5 meters. The total mass of the structure was 2000 tons, and this is readily believed. Not only was the aquarium assembled from very heavy acrylic glass and fastened with metal parts, but it was also filled with salt water - we are talking about 1 million liters. In the very center of the aquarium, an elevator was installed for 40 people, which raised them to the observation deck.

You can watch fish from anywhere

1500 tropical fish lived inside the aquarium,which belonged to 97 different species. Every day they were given 8 kg of food, and 3-4 scuba divers were engaged in cleaning the walls from dirt. It was possible to look at tropical creatures both from the hotel lobby and from the elevator, observation deck and windows of some rooms.

A scuba diver cleans the aquarium AquaDom

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Construction of the largest aquarium in the form of a cylinder

Dom Aquaree was built by TchobanVoss, headed by a German architect of Russian origin Sergei Tchoban. Under his leadership, the tallest building in the Moscow City business center, the Federation Complex, was also built. He is also the designer of the Palace of Water Sports in Kazan, the headquarters of Coca-Cola and many other buildings.

AquaDom video

At the time of writing, with destructionaquarium AquaDom has not been so long. Whether the incident was recorded on surveillance cameras is not yet clear - at least they cannot be found now. But there are a lot of videos on the Internet with consequences. Street Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, which is considered one of the most important in Berlin, was flooded. People were advised to bypass this place so as not to get into trouble and not interfere with specialists who eliminate the consequences. It must take a couple of days.

The consequences of the destruction of the AquaDom aquarium

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The largest aquariums in the world

It is worth emphasizing that AquaDom is the largest among cylindrical aquariums. If we talk about ordinary aquariums, there are larger examples.

For example, in the US state of GeorgiaThe Georgia Aquarium is located in which a million liters of water are placed. About 120 thousand living exhibits, which belong to 500 different species, live in a huge reservoir of water. This is not only about small fish - in the aquarium there are dolphins, sharks and even a white whale, whose mass exceeds one ton.

The Georgia Aquarium

Giant creatures to see at Georgia Aquarium

The Spanish city of Valencia is home to the mostlargest aquarium in Europe. It holds 42 million liters of water and is home to 45,000 marine life. In order for them to live in comfort, nine separate zones were created in which the conditions of their natural habitat were recreated. Visitors can not only look at amazing creatures, but also have lunch in an underwater restaurant.

Spanish Aquarium outside

Oceanarium in Valencia inside

Probably the largest aquarium in the worldlocated in Singapore - this is S.E.A.Aquarium. The 45 million liters of water are home to nearly every sea creature found near the city-state. For 100 thousand living creatures, 50 natural habitats have been recreated, so they clearly feel great. This aquarium is also notable for being equipped with a 300 square meter viewing panel.

Singapore S.E.A.Aquarium

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