The lamp from Dyson will work 60 years (6 photos + video)

Dyson company specializing inthe production of household electrical appliances, presented a new "smart lamp" with unique properties. The Dyson Lightcycle table and floor lamp designed by engineers is equipped with an automatic control function of the temperature of the emitted light, which depends on the time of day and the room illumination.

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Dyson Lightcycle owner will be able to installschedule of switching on the luminaire using a special application Casper Glow, which allows you to control the device when the user wakes up or gradually reduce the light when the client goes to bed. The controls of the Dyson Lightcycle will allow you to control the power of the lamp, adjust the temperature of the glow and brightness. The "environment" function will allow the lamp to adjust its work to the natural lighting of the room. Unique is the time of the lamp. The developers promise continuous operation of the Dyson Lightcycle for over 60 years.

When connecting the Casper Glow function, you canindicate the location of the lamp relative to the user. This feature optimizes the operation of the device. The application Casper Glow already laid the standard modes of illumination, providing optimal lighting during training, recreation, performing artistic or engineering tasks. Also, the lamp can tell the age of the user and Dyson Lightcycle will choose the optimal brightness of the light, taking into account the age-related changes in the client's view.

Built in device standUSB Type-C connector allows you to charge your smartphone or other mobile equipment. True, the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to report the characteristics of the port. In the description of the product it is reported only that smartphones are charged “quickly”, larger devices (for example, Nintendo Switch) with average speed, and larger devices (apparently tablets and laptops) - slowly. The cost of the tech gadget Dyson Lightcycle starts at $ 600 for the desktop version.