The Krado concept will help in the care of houseplants

Hatch Duo has developed a Krado concept sensor that works in conjunction with Leaflet plant care systems.

The novelty is designed to monitor the health of plants that are indoors.

The device is shaped like a smooth convex sheet that is inserted into the soil and interacts with a mobile application developed specifically for it.

Krado sends various useful messages to the phoneinformation, informing about the needs of the plant, the water level, and also informs if any fertilizer is required. Moreover, the latter can be ordered directly from the application.

In addition to the level of soil moisture, the device determines the ambient temperature and the level of lighting.

Also, under various conditions, the sensor itself can be highlighted in one color or another, warning about certain conditions that the owner needs to urgently respond to, for example, urgently water the plant.

If you get tired at work or just forget aboutplant, this development can help you in caring for flowers on the windowsill, but for real hardcore gardeners, this thing is unlikely to seem useful.

However, who knows, perhaps Krado will be able to use it in a greenhouse to spy on cucumbers or tomatoes. In any case, we definitely do not doubt the people's ingenuity.