The Karma system in China has made it impossible for millions of people to travel

According to the Associated Press, the systemSocial approval in China stopped millions of potential travelers last year by not allowing them to buy plane tickets or train tickets. Chinese courts have banned flights 17.5 million times and go by train 5.5 million times in 2018. Those who tried to make these purchases were stopped because they were blacklisted for offenses committed as part of social behavior. Another 128 people could not leave the country due to unpaid taxes.

The report of the National PublicThe approval information center also states that the authorities collected more than 14 million data on “unreliable behavior” last year, for example, due to unpaid loans or false advertising.

How does the social approval system in China work?

The system was launched in 2014 and is nowtime is overseen by local authorities throughout China. It should be deployed throughout the country by 2020 and provide every citizen and company with a social assessment. The goal of the system is to encourage trusting behavior through the carrot and stick system, or punishment and reward. Social “crimes” may include tax or fines payment, as well as drug taking. Penalties include restrictions on travel, business, or access to education. Companies may lose access to bank loans or be suspended from government contracts. The often repeated slogan of the scheme reads: “As soon as your trust in you is lost, you will face restrictions everywhere.”

Looks like a karma system, isn't it?

In a liberal western society, such a systemwould be very controversial and could become an AI surveillance regime that violates human rights. But how strange is this for China? Surprisingly, many citizens welcome it as a way to combat fraud and public health violations.

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